Showing Your Work, Slideshare in Libraries By Stuart Maddocks

I looked at a bunch of media services throughout our world and how libraries use them in a formal or informal setting. A lot of these tools and services are part of Web 2.0 which brings more interaction for the user on the web. Social media, wikis, social cataloging, bookmarking and browsing are all part of Web 2.0. This blog will reflect my experience with on collaborative tools and how it relates to libraries.

Image result for slideshare logo

I looked at Slideshare as my site of choice. Slideshare is a site dedicated to creating, uploading presentations, videos and infographics. When a user enters the main page, they show a variety of slide templates to choose from the main page. The main shows Today’s Top Slideshares and Feature Slideshares below them. After a user looks at a slide, they give recommended similar presentations to see more. The main page also shows daily headlines, courses relating to Linkedin, social media trends and conferences by business. Users on the site can sign up for an account to create their work.

Users can also look at the presentations themselves. As they view a presentation, they can look through the presentation by clicking on the arrows left or right to go back and forward respectively. Arrows are pointing diagonally to go full screen and press Esc to close. On the presentation page, users can look at statistics of who has looked at the presentation and provide comments.

Slideshare also provides courses for newcomers. They teach the user how to create a presentation from the basics to advanced skills by professional business people. There are powerpoint courses as well. It is set up similarly to the presentation courses. In these course pages, users can search for skills, topics or software. When a user looks up a topic, it shows presentations and different formats like powerpoint or video.

This site is perfect for public libraries because anyone can upload and share their work with others. It is also good for a library-related job because it helps workers create presentations for events and data sheets for upcoming reports. Another thing that’s helpful about Slideshare is its daily trends feature showcasing the latest technology around the world. This feature is useful because it would help librarians what to get for their library.



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